Ridge is a highly-skilled Personal Trainer. After training with him for 6 months I feel stronger, healthier, and more motivated. He makes an extra effort to personalize the workouts to suit your fitness level, and he has a huge knowledge of fitness, diet, and general health. I highly recommend Ridge to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Thank you, Ridge!

Travis Crowther

Middle Aged Woman

He is a brilliant PT to work with! Had an amazing experience and gained so much skill, always been very flexible and quickly get exactly what the client wants. Highly recommend it because only after a few months of training with him I could already apply that knowledge and skill he taught me to my workouts alone. Great personality and just a lovely human being to be around. 💪🏻💪🏻

Gee Gee Vilutyte

Middle Aged Woman

I have had quite a few personal trainers, and Ridge is one of the best. I trained with him while I was living in London. He was very accommodating with my work schedule, tailored the class to my goals, skill level, and energy level. One thing I truly value in a personal trainer is the ability to keep it fun. I get bored doing the same exercises, and Ridge found new inventive ways to make the workouts entertaining and enjoyable. If you're looking for a great personal trainer, you just found him.

Andrea R. Nordstorm

Middle Aged Woman

Very happy with how Ridge trained me last year. He listened to my views of how I wanted to improve my fitness level and made sure he designed a program for me that also reviewed and adapted it regularly. Ridge helped me to develop a good technique at performing the exercises and also helped me to continue working hard at every single session. Also, not only Ridge is a good professional but also he is a very friendly, approachable, and positive person. Highly recommended.

Esther Maniega


If you’re thinking of taking up fitness/exercise and looking for a personal trainer, I can highly recommend Ridge as a PT. I have been a client of Ridge's for a couple of years now, training 2 days a week. I find him to be friendly, encouraging, flexible and motivational, and his programmes are tailored towards your individual needs. He introduces new exercises & workouts frequently to keep things interesting, with a great mix of cardio and strength training, along with recovery exercises and stretching which is extremely important. He also offered me helpful advice on diet, nutrition etc., as well as useful workouts I can do when I'm travelling or exercising on my own. I highly recommend him as a trainer; feel free to message me with any questions if you want further info etc.

Hugh Leask


I was Ridge’s manager during my time as AGM in Bermondsey and I saw the dedication he puts in his work! I would 110% recommend Ridge as your Personal Trainer!

Daniel Marques

Middle Aged Woman

Ridge makes effective fitness approachable. His personality, expertise, and tailored approach make both newbies feel comfortable and experienced people feel appropriately challenged. I like how his pace keeps things moving and how he constantly upgrades the exercises as I get more confident. For me personally, it has been important how well Ridge has created sets that work around my recent injury and how they are designed to rebuild, support and strengthen my core to help prevent similar injuries in the future. Finally, I think Ridge had done a sterling job at moving the exercises online during the pandemic. And I feel I have lost no momentum moving from the Gym to Google Hangout.

Robert Fransgaard

Middle Aged Woman

Ridge has been my personal trainer for nearly 2 years now and has been an absolute pleasure during that time to train underneath him. He's incredibly knowledgeable in all kinds of training, from your HIIT, strength, powerlifting and moreso depending what your end goal is. Any question I had he was always able to answer and explain it in a way that was clear and to the point. He constantly would check in on my progress when I wasnt training with him and going solo which I do feel is above and beyond what I've seen other coaches do. Ridge really cares about your results, so of course, I highly recommend you train with Ridge or at the very least trial some sessions with him. you won't be dissappointed. Thanks again Ridge for all you've done!

Daniel Colbert

Middle Aged Woman

Best personal trainer ever! Ridge was always very professional and he helped me to achieve my goals in a funny and enjoyable environment...I would definitely recommend him!!

Natalia Soledad Escobar

Middle Aged Woman

I am a client of Ridge Gunessee a personal trainee who has helped me keep fit and encouraged my previously reluctant gym attendance when we could go to the gym. Now he does good online video workouts which have been great during this lockdown period. Thanks, Ridge

Elizabeth Bendall


I started from 110kg in July 2018 and by September 2019 I was 72.5kg. I haven't been that weight since I was a child so seeing such a big result was such a huge boost for my self-confidence! Not only did I fit into smaller clothes that I had not been able to for years but I started feeling happier and my health vastly improved. Ridge is a very positive, helpful personal trainer who has a very approachable demeanor. His insight into nutrition, a wide range of exercises, and personal health has allowed me to not only lose weight while training with him but also gave me the tools needed to work out by myself. His dietary and exercise plans are unique to those whom he trains and as long as you listen to him and communicate any difficulties your results are guaranteed. I highly recommend his service to finally start your journey to that dream body you always wanted.

Jessica Doe

Putting on Goggles

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